bibol: natural fair

sun mai : the lacquer

The range of SUN MAY gathers the lacquer products. Twelve layers give to our lacquers this brilliance and this depth.

Without solvent, or VOCs (volatile organic compound) our paints are clean.

Our products meet the true criteria of food contact Europeans and Americans, both inside and outside. They also respect the nomenclature REACH.

BAT: bamboo lacquer bowls
SOAI: Mango bamboo lacquer salad bowl
TIK & TIT: bamboo lacquer small cups
KHUP: bamboo lacquer fruit cup
TIA: bamboo lacquer salad server
TUWA: bamboo lacquer boxes
ZAVI: bamboo lacquer spices boxes
DIA & TCHON: bamboo lacquer plate and salad bowl;
MI: bamboo lacquer breadbasket
KHAY: bamboo lacquer tray
lacquer colors for small bamboo bowl BAT
lacquer colors for bamboo bowl TIEN
lacquer colors for bamboo salad bowl TO
lacquer colors for bamboo salad bowl TCHON
lacquer colors for bamboo fruit cup KHUP
lacquer colors for bamboo salad bowl SOAI