bibol: natural fair

manufacture: several weeks

Each product is hand made by Vietnamese craftsmen. With these ancient crafts, bibol combines paints and varnishes clean and foodsafe, without solvent neither volatile organic component, environmentally friendly and compliant with REACH.

Bamboo harvested dry outside
During the rainy season, bamboo is stored within
Dry bamboo is cut into thin strips
Cutting strips of bamboo is done by hand
The strips of bamboo are carefully sorted
Carpenters assemble the strips of bamboo
Templates facilitate the formation of the bamboo objects
Whatever their size, the objects are handmade
Artisan smooths the rough edges of bamboo objects
When the climate permits, artisans work outdoors
The bamboo bowls dries out
Bamboo is perfectly sanded
Crafts people check the perfectly smooth surface
All surfaces of the bamboo is sanded by hand
Bamboo is sanded once more
Ready for painting
The raw bamboo bowls are delivered for finishing
A layer of soil is applied to surfaces that will be lacquered
Lacquer is applied on each piece
Products dry protected from dust
Between each layer of lacquer, objects are sanded with water
Great care and attention is given to each object
Until the last layer of lacquer bamboo is sanded with water
After sanding, bamboo bowls dry in
bibol products are REACH compliant
bibol products are free solvent and free volatil organic component